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A Message From Barb Laird

Hello everyone, are you and your beautiful children excited? We sure are! So looking forward to seeing the old players and meeting new ones. We have missed you so much since last spring and look forward to a new season.

Please remember that we will no longer be sending emails. All postings, notices, including cancellations will be on our website (

1. Soccer starts Saturday, September 14 at John Oliver in Vancouver, 41st and Fraser. Parking is much more limited here so please give yourself enough time to find a space and walk there. The best parking is probably on 41st, both the north side and south side, west of Fraser.

2. Please note the times:

The Pups and Dogs play from 10 to 11

The Dogs then also play from 11:30 to 12.00

The Wolves will play from about 11:30 to 12:30

Please come early on the first day as there will be deposit cheques to collect or check and uniforms to give out.

3. We also have a bank of cleats that you can check to see if any fit your player, borrow and when you don't need pass them back for another player to use.

4. We do not charge, but require a $50 deposit cheque for the uniform and we will return it to you when you return the uniform at the end of the season. PLEASE DO NOT DATE THE CHEQUE and make it out to the Blazin' Soccer Dogs and Pups.

5. Many of you have uniforms still! I have your cheques and by about week 2, if you do not show up or return the uniforms I will send you an email and if I do not get the uniform back will cash your cheque. WE DO NOT WANT THE MONEY, WE WANT THE UNIFORMS! WE NEED THEM for the new players who will be coming. PLEASE, PLEASE RETURN them, it costs at least $50 to replace each uniform!

If you want to return it please put it in a brown envelope and mail to me or drop off at my house. I will then let you know it has arrived and tear up your cheque. Please email me at and I will give you the proper address to ship it back to me.

6. The last couple of seasons, it has been so successful to have the Wolves help as volunteers that we hope they will again come and help support all the younger players and come for 9:30. Part of the growth for our players is asking our Wolves to volunteer with the Pups and Dogs. They have the soccer skills and we so want them to begin to share them with these younger players and to learn how to volunteer, with the many benefits that brings.

7. We also always need volunteers! All sibs, cousins, friends are welcome to volunteer, if you know someone who is interested please have them go to our registration page here on our website register as a volunteer. For volunteers who need community hours we give 2 hours for every hour volunteering and will also provide a reference letter if needed. Volunteers please show up at 9:00 to help with assigning players to you, as well as assisting setting up the tables, balls and nets with our equipment staff. We always hope that we will have enough volunteers to support all your children. Parents are not allowed to volunteer except in exceptional circumstances, please talk with us about it that day.

8. We want all parents to come, bring a lawn chair, bring your coffee and water, to relax, meet other parents and enjoy watching your child learn how to play soccer.

9. A parent or guardian MUST be on the field at all times, you may not leave as we are all volunteers with no liability insurance. Parents of players on the Wolves ONLY can talk with me privately about this. If they are adults then, we will need emergency cell numbers from you.

10. Any new players please also go to the registration page and register. All are welcome to play, sibs included, cousins, friends. please invite anyone you think might like to join your child on the field as either a player or a volunteer.

11. There are no washrooms at the field, so if you have to go, please do so prior to coming to the field. However, the closest washrooms are down the street at Dairy Queen and a Tim Hortons across on Fraser Street.

12. PLEASE BRING WATER and snack if needed for your child as we will not be providing any! 13. We do not play in the rain. The Vancouver School Board has asked us not to. So, I live near this field and at 7:00 on any Saturday morning Abbe will call me, we will make a judgement call to determine whenever or not to cancel. All cancellation notices will be posted here, and not through email, so please check the website for any news about cancellations. The weather changes hugely even from my house near Queen Elizabeth Park and John Oliver Secondary to McKechnie Elementary near where Abbe lives.

14. We so want your child to have fun and learn to play soccer, and they will. If at first they have challenges. It's not to worry, we always suggest that you take them home early on a high, rather than letting them get over-stimulated, stressed and then leaving the field in a meltdown.

If there any questions, please ask me or Abbe at as well as asking through our website if you need assistance right away!

See you soon!



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