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Spring 2019 is coming to a close

What a wonderful season this has turned out to be. Thanks to all of you for bringing your children, we have seen such skill development in all of them. The wolves have truly shown that they are learning to support and lead the younger players and this also is such a joy to watch. Our volunteers were wonderful and we hope you all and your children were able to thank them for their wonderful support. Most come with no experience and leave working with your children so much more confident, self assured and on the road to understanding how to support, facilitate and include all. There will be two more weeks of soccer, unless it rains, this Saturday (June 22) and June 29th. If you can't be here June 29, please bring a change of clothes and turn your uniform in on Saturday.

Now to the uniforms that many of you still need to return.

PLEASE RETURN THEM TO ME, we do not want to cash your cheques and I even have a lot of cash that some of you from past seasons have left as deposits...please I would love to send you the monies back. Please do one of two things: Put the uniform in a brown envelope and mail it to me or drop it at my front door. Please make sure you include your name and then I will shred your cheque and let you know that I have done so. If you gave me cash, I will send you a cheque in the mail. I DO NOT WANT TO KEEP any cheques until next season, we want the uniforms, as they cost about $50 to replace,  and want to give you your money back. If after a couple more personal reminders you do not return the uniforms or let me know that you have...then I am going to give the cheques and cash to Abbe to bank. I still have too many cheques from past seasons..which tells us there are alot of uniforms still out there. Please do us this small favour. Mail or drop off to: Barbara Laird

33 West 38th Avenue, Vancouver V5Y 2N5

(a little, old, white house between two newer ones, WEST 38th Avenue, west of Ontario between Ontario and Manitoba) All the best from all of us, and thanks also to all of you who helped us out at the registration desk, with set up and clean up, and washing uniforms, as also for just generally being there, especially when we were feeling overwhelmed, you all so helped the season to happen and run relatively smoothly. Thanks especially to our coaches and volunteers, there would be no soccer without them. It truly takes a village to raise our kids and you have all shown us this!

Please continue to check this website for next season's news, new information will be posted around the last weeks of the transition from August into September. We will not be sending out emails anymore! All future information will be on this website.

Please invite any new players or volunteers to go to register here, and also if you want to donate cleats that are too small to the cleat bank, they are greatly appreciated. We all hope you have a good summer; we will be in touch about the fall season.


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