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Vancouver Blazin Soccer Dogs is excited to announce our Spring 2022 season. Our season will commence on Saturday April 9 and run until the end of June.

There will be NO soccer on April 16 as that weekend is Easter and Passover and many of our organizers will not be available. Our games will take place at McKechnie Elementary School, 7455 Maple Street. There is free street parking. We are an inclusive soccer team ages 4 and into adulthood, with 3 divisions. All are welcome! To REGISTER as a PLAYER , please register via Everything is confidential and will not be shared for marketing purposes or any other solicited means. ALL COMMUNICATION TO PLAYERS, VOLUNTEERS AND COACHES WILL BE POSTED ON THE WEBSITE. PLEASE check it for updates, changes, new information etc. There will be NO weekly emails. If you need to talk to to someone or have questions please chat through the website or contact via email Abbe Gates at or Barbara Laird at VOLUNTEERS and COACHES...WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!!! Please also REGISTER through the website. Volunteering for Soccer Dogs is one of the most amazing, life altering experiences an individual may have. Even upper elementary students benefit from this and have been some of the best volunteers we have had. University students have found it has changed their career paths. Please contact Abbe Gates at, IF you are a high school student needing Volunteer hours for Graduation Purposes. We double the given hours because this is a team with individuals who may have many different challenges. We are a team solely run by families and we're not a non profit team, any contributions would be greatly appreciated and welcomed as this keeps the "field of dreams" alive. Contributions go towards purchasing equipment and uniforms as we are a NO-FEE league and have been for over 12 plus years. Uniforms and all equipment are provided.

All we ask is that you give us an UNDATED cheque for $50 or cash as a DEPOSIT on the uniform. This will be given back to you on the last day of the season.This ensures we get our uniforms returned as they do cost approximately this much to replace. IF YOU STILL HAVE A UNIFORM AND WOULD LIKE TO RETURN IT AND RECEIVE YOUR CHEQUE OR CASH BACK PLEASE CONTACT ABBE directly for her drop off or mailing address.

We regret we do not allow dogs unless its a service/assistance dog. There are no washrooms at the field, but one is available at Choices at East Boulevard on 57th. Please bring lots of water, healthy snacks and sunscreen for your player. One parent or guardian of any children are required to remain at the field at all times. So, bring a lawn chair, your coffee and enjoy talking and meeting the other parents. The Pups play from 10 to 11, the Dogs play from 10 to 11:30 and the Wolves volunteer and help coach from 10 to 11:30 and then practice and have a game from 11:30 until 1 pm Looking forward to meeting all of you returning players, volunteers, coaches and parents.

On behalf of the Blazin Soccer Dogs,

Barbara Laird


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