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Fall 2023 - Here we go!

Hello everyone,

We're back for our Fall 2023 session and we're now ready to go at McKechnie Elementary!

On Saturday September 9, 2023, we ask our volunteers to come at 9 for an orientation prior to practice/gametime to familiarize themselves with the plan for the session.

For our players, we ask our Dogs and Pups to come at 10am and will play until 11am. Also, for parents and guardians, please bring an unmarked $50 cheque that will be returned to you upon the session's conclusion for our "jersey deposit".

Also, we ask all parents for Dogs and Pups to stay on site as well.

We will not cancel games, unless field conditions deem too poor to play.

Wolves, we will recommend you come at 11am for your practice, but you are more than welcome to coach and help the Dogs and Pups at 10am. Wolves will play from 11-12:30pm.

We're so excited to welcome everyone back and we hope you all had an excellent summer.

See you on Saturday the 9th.

- United Blazin' Athletics Club


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